Balmorals of London

About Balmorals of London

A privately-owned business conceived in 2007 Balmorals London has firmly established itself as one of the market leaders in the bathroom and
washroom manufacturing industry. The real strength of Balmorals lies in its factories manufacturing capacity which will reach 2.2 million pieces on ceramics alone by the end of 2020 serving both UK and multiple overseas markets. Balmorals direct control of production and development gives our customers what they need when they want it at the right price.

We are delighted to launch our new bathroom and commercial washroom collection which we believe is our best to date.  With a carefully curated range of products to cater for many tastes and needs. Our product portfolio has been carefully designed and manufactured to the highest specifications using only the best quality raw materials, to produce an exceptional product.

We have products and experience to serve all markets from bathroom distributors, merchants, prefabricated bathroom POD manufacturers, buying groups and or commercial washrooms and of course the well-known iCare ranges for the accessibility market. Our fully integrated Transport and Logistics operates from Norfolk, from where we are able to service all parts of the UK with our fully tracked transport solution.

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products, developed to the highest standards and design features whiles.

Delivery Policy

In order to ensure that claims for damages in transit are correctly handled we would kindly ask that goods received are subject to the following procedure.

A visual inspection of each pallet’s wrapping to ensure the pallet has arrived in good condition.

Please check for:

  • No fork lift or other holes in the wrapping or significant “shifting” of the pallet which you suspect may result in product damage. If the pallet wrapping has been compromised further checks should be carried out to ensure that the outer facing cartons are not damaged.
  • If the boxes are damaged by puncture, over compression, water or splits you should indicate this on the dispatch note. You have the right to reject the delivery or make further inspection. In any case this MUST be recorded on the delivery note when signed for by the receiver failure to do this will invalidate any claim.
  • If for any reason goods cannot be inspected on receipt the delivery must be signed for UNCHECKED. Any subsequent claims can only be considered if reported within 2 working days in accordance with clause 5. below.
  • If possible photographic evidence of any damage at the time and point of delivery will assist in any claim.
  • You have the right to refuse all or part of a delivery at the pallet level if you feel the delivery is
    a. Unsafe
    b. Damaged
  • Without exception all claims must be reported with any supporting data in writing to within 48 hours or 2 working days.